Drinkers can be thinkers!

Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub meets monthly - normally on the second Wednesday. We host talks from a range of opinionated speakers, on a variety of topics, including:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • The Media
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • and more!

Sound like your kind of thing? Great!

What is a Skeptic?

“The mark of a good skeptic is their use of their baloney detection antenna. A decade into the 21st century we still see lots of examples of bad thinking, from the bad science that seeks to confuse around evolution, to the bad law that enables spurious libel cases, to the bad journalism that publishes and promotes baloney. The Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub events will bring together speakers with a group of active and vocal minds.”
 - Michael Power, Skeptics in the Pub co-founder

The rational approach to extraordinary claims

The Skeptics in the Pub movement has been active in a number of recent campaigns, including the “Keep Libel out of Science” campaign, run by Sense About Science, and the “1023” campaign against homeopathy.

I want in!

We thought you would! Our events page lists all of our upcoming events and our venues page provides information about where we meet.

We welcome all members of the public, and the vast majority of our events are free! We accept donations, which helps cover the cost of travel for our speakers, and where necessary, equipment. Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub is organised by volunteers and our speakers are volunteers too.

Respect and Tolerance

Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub aim to promote an environment where everyone is able to put their views across and enjoy our events; and as such we will not tolerate harassment* or abuse of either speakers or attendees, nor willful disruption of events.

Anyone found to be harassing, abusing or in any way intimidating others may be asked to leave and (at prepaid events) may not be refunded.

If at any stage you feel you need to report such incidents you can approach a member of the Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub organisers (Sam or Will), or another regular you trust.

We will deal with all concerns and complaints swiftly and sensitively and support attendees if they feel further action or support is necessary. You can contact us via email if you would prefer to raise the issue online.

* Harassment refers to actions or words that are, or could be seen as discriminatory or inappropriate toward people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender-identification, age or disability.