Sam Hogarth

Wednesday, January 11 2017 at 7:30PM

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43 Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SG

Sam Hogarth

What's the talk about?

Social media is struggling with an epidemic. Fake news spreads like a virus, with its ludicrous claims and compelling headlines. Some claim it cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency. Some say it has encouraged Britain to drastically alter it's political futures. Others think it's just a bunch of opportunists running get rich quick schemes.

In a "post-truth" world, where we've had enough of experts and can prove anything with facts; what challenges must we address in order to combat fake news? As a Skeptic community, how does this affect us?

Sam is a software developer, Labour Party campaigner and co-organiser of Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub. As the proverbial intersection on the techno-politi-skeptical Venn diagram, he can provide an interesting confluence of perspectives and guide us through the murky maze of fake news. Alas, the answers to this problem are ours to decide. We're a group, let's work it out together.

This is a free event, however donations on the door would be greatly appreciated in order to cover running costs. We host our event on the first floor of the Tyneside Irish Centre, which is accessible by lift and/or stairs.