Charles Veitch

Wednesday, October 9 2013 at 7:30PM

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Castle Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1RQ

Charles Veitch

What's the talk about?

Charles Veitch is a 33 yr old absurdist film-maker. He grew up internationally in an expat family in the oil-business. He was schooled in Edinburgh and has a MA (hons) Philosphy from the University of Edinburgh. Having worked as a financial adviser for many years in the City, he now lives with his fiancee and baby in Salford.

Following his sudden redundancy from financial services in the City as a wealth manager, he began to question the meta-narratives of money, power and control. He subsequently launched himself head first into the emotionally charged world of conspiracism, looking for explanations as to who controls money, and therefore the world. Having gained notoriety and infamy from his anarchic videos on YouTube, and many appearances on BBC News, ITV, Russia Today, CNN, and Channel 4, he was selected by the BBC to go on a 10 day Conspiracy 9/11 Roadtrip through New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia, where he met experts from the FBI, CIA, and the designers of the Twin Towers.  Luckily for Charles, hearing reasoned and evidenced logical explanations from people supposedly involved in the "inside job of 9/11", he very publicly changed his mind, amidst death-threats, hacked  websites and a massive online cyber bullying campaign headed by Alex Jones, David Icke and their conspiracy theory followers.