David Colquhoun

Thursday, November 4 2010 at 7:00PM

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Orchard Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

David Colquhoun

What's the talk about?

A huge industry has grown up that has the aim of selling to a gullible public, medicines that don't work. Their sales method are very much like those of the pharmaceutical industry at its worst, but at least some of the latter's products work. Their products include homeopathy, reflexology and "detox". Some universities offer "BSc (hons)" degrees in this sort of quackery, though many have stopped when what is actually taught on the degrees has been revealed with the help of the Freedom of Information act. The fact that such degrees have been accredited and validated by the university shows the utter uselessness of these procedures as a guarantee of quality. That sort of doublethink endangers science as a whole.