Chris Peters

Wednesday, April 13 2016 at 7:30PM

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43 Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SG

Chris Peters

What's the talk about?

Pseudoscience in the popular press and on the Internet is not helping with the public understanding of science in UK and there is far more misinformation out there than there is solid science.
Sense about Science is an organisation set up to try to redress the balance. It is running a campaign called Ask for Evidence which is about encouraging people to go out and ask for the evidence behind claims they come across in everyday life. We hear daily claims about what is good for our health, bad for the environment, how to improve education, cut crime, treat disease or improve agriculture. Some are based on reliable evidence and scientific rigour. Many are not.

How can we make companies, politicians, commentators and official bodies accountable for the claims they make? If they want us to vote for them, believe them or buy their products, then we should Ask for Evidence.